The Tourist has the choice of nine distinct routes to reach the City of New Orleans; for a description of the various points of interest on each route, with their distances from New Orleans, see each heading as follows:

Firstly. The Ilinois Central Route, of the Illinois Central Rilroad, from the West and North via Jackson, Miss.

Secondly. The Louisville & Nashville Route, of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, via Mobile, Ala., from the North and West.

Thirdly. The Mississippi Valley Route, of the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad, from the North and West, via Memphis, Vicksburg and Baton Rouge.

Fourthly. The Queen & Crescent Route, of the New Orleans and North Eastern Railroad, from the North and West, via Cincinnati, Chattanooga and Meridian, Miss.

Fifthly. The Southern Pacific Route, of Morgan's Louisiana & Texas Railroad, from California, Texas and Western Louisiana (via the Teche country) and Morgan City.

Sixthly. The Texas Pacific Route, of the New Orleans & Pacific Railroad, from California and Northern Texas, North-West Louisiana, via Dallas, Shreveport, Alexandria and Donaldsonville.

Seventhly. New Orleans & St. Louis Short Line, via the Gould roads, from St. Louis and places on the West bank of the Mississippi river and via the Texas Pacific Railroad, from Baton Rouge Junction.

Eighthly. The River Route, by the Mississippi river steamers, from the West (via Cairo), Memphis, Vicksburg and Baton Rouge.

Ninthly. The Sea Route, by the Gulf of Mexico and the mouth of the Mississippi; from New York, by the Southern Pacific line of steamers; from Vera Cruz and all ports of Mexico, by the Southern Pacific and other lines of steamships; from Central America, by the United Fruit Company's and other lines; from Europe by various lines of steamers.

NEW ORLEANS GUIDE, With Descriptions of the Routes to New Orleans, Sights of the City Arranged Alphabetically, ans Other Information Useful to Travelers; Also, Outlines of the History of Louisiana, By Hon. James S. Zacharie, Second Vice President of the Louisiana Historical Society, Member of the City Council of New Orleans. F. F. Hansell & Bro., Ltd, New Orleans. 1893, 1902

THE FLORIDA SHORT LINE, East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia R. R. ABSOLUTELY the shortest OF ALL ROUTES BETWEEN NORTHWEST AND FLORIDA. The Reliable Through Car Route. The Permanently Established Success. THE SHORTEST OF ALL SHORT ROUTES. Presenting for the Season of 1884-5 Increased Attractions and Improved Facilities. Miles the SHORTEST between CINCINNATI and JACKSONVILLE. Miles the SHORTEST Between CHATTANOOGA and FLORIDA, via JESUP. Miles the SHORTEST Between ATLANTA and FLORIDA, via JESUP. Commencing Nov. 1, a Line of Elegant Drawing-Room. Sleeping-Cars - WILL BR RUN BETWEEN Cincinnati ano Jacksonville Without Change over the Queen & Crescent Route and E. T., V. & G. R. R. Only Line Running through Passenger Coaches between Chattanooga and Jacksonville, Fla., Without Change and without Extra Fares, via DALTON, ROME, ATLANTA, MACON, EASTMAN & JESUP.

The vast tide of Passengers in constant movement between the NORTHWEST and FLORIDA, via JESUP, is Immutable Evidence of the superior service performed by the Short Line. Our PERFECTED ROADWAY and EXCELLENT EQUIPMENT are not surpassed by any road in the South. Tourist Tickets on sale during the season.

Closely connecting also at Atlanta with W. & A R. R. trains, and with R. & D. R. R. trains.

For Rates, Tickets or other information by The Florida Short Line, apply to any Coupon Ticket Agent in the United States or Canada. S. H. HARDWICK, Trav. Pass. Ag't, P. O. Box 566, Chicago, Ill.- J. J. GRIFFIN, A. G. P. A., Atlanta, Ga. - B. W. WRENN, Gen'l Pass'r and Ticket Agent, Knoxville, Tenn.

Advertisement from: New Orleans as it is. W. E. Pedrick, (1885)


New Orleans History

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