# Most Rev. Doctor Luis Ignacio Maria de Penalver y Cardenas
Bishop Luis Peñalver y Cárdenas, First Bishop (1749-1810)
Bishop of Louisiana and the Two Floridas (1795-1801)
was born August 3, 1749, in Havana. He was appointed first Bishop of Louisiana in 1793 but did not come to New Orleans until July 17, 1795. He took possession of the Parish Church, which had become the St. Louis Cathedral.

Ordained a priest at Havana in 1772; engaged in pastoral and administrative work in the Diocese of Santiago de Cuba (1772-1787) and the Diocese of Havana (1787-1793); appointed to the newly-established Diocese of Louisiana and the Two Floridas in 1793; consecrated bishop at Havana in 1795; transferred to Archbishopric of Guatemala in 1801; resigned and returned to Havana in 1806; died in Havana in 1810.
# Bishop Francisco Bartolomé Porro y Reinado (1739-1814) Bishop of Louisiana and the Two Floridas (1801-1803) A native of Gibraltar in the Diocese of Cadiz, Spain; ordained a priest [n.a.]; consecrated Bishop of Louisiana and the Two Floridas at Rome in 1801; faculties for Diocese granted but departure delayed because of rumored sale of Louisiana; transferred to the Diocese of Tarazona in Spain in 1803; died in Tarazona in 1814.
# Bishop S.S. DuBourg, Second Bishop
After an interval marked by rebellion against ecclesiastical authority by the trustees of the St. Louis Cathedral, the diocese of New Orleans was for the period 1809-1815 under the administration of John Carroll, first Archbishop of Baltimore. In 1812, Archbishop Carroll sent Louis William Valentine DuBourg to New Orleans as Apostolic Administrator. In 1815, on a trip to Rome he was consecrated second Bishop of New Orleans.

Bishop Louis William Valentin Dubourg (1790-1833)
Bishop of Louisiana and the Two Floridas (1815-1823)
Bishop of Louisiana (1823-1826)
A native of Cap Français in Sainte-Domingue; ordained a priest in Paris, France, in 1790; during the French Revolution, fled to Baltimore where he served as President of Georgetown College and founded St. Mary's College and Seminary; joined the Sulpicians in 1795; named administrator of the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas in 1812; consecrated Bishop of Louisiana and the Two Floridas in Rome in 1815; served as bishop from 1815 to 1826; the name was changed to the Diocese of Louisiana in 1823; Bishop of Montauban in France (1826-1833); Archbishop of Besançon in France (February, 1833-November, 1833); died in Besançon.

New Orleans History, 1897-1917

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